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Image by Dan V

Our Cross

to Bear

Genre: Young Adult, Action, Drama

Age Range: 14+

Trigger Warning: Contains some scenes of descriptive violence,

some of which is sexual in nature.

Our Cross to Bear

Status: Writing Phase

Release: Unknown

Copyright (C): Jennifer J. Lacelle

From Author Jennifer J. Lacelle

Image by Alex Boyd

While the value of human life has gone up, the value of women has decreased to no more than human breeding game. Despite efforts to maintain bodily autonomy, women across the new country of Libertas have lost the battle. 

Victoria Rodes, one of the 'lucky' girls to be born rich, has all privilege's taken from her when a man of the Judges decides she belongs to him and takes her. The courts are in favour of the government appointed group meant to repopulate the country and her father disowns her. 

Realizing the true horror of the world she lives in, Victoria flees for her life. However, getting across the country and over the border will prove to be a battlefield in it's own right. 

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