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Jennifer offers three primary services in relation to the creative arts industry. With her education and background in this field she has more than enough experience and knowledge to help you achieve your goals.

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Feedback 101

If you've written something (a book, essay, article, children's story, biography, poetry, white paper, interview, business letter, love letter, etc.) and you need a second look then Jennifer's here to help! She'll provide you with unbiased feedback including story structure, grammar/spelling, coherency, and suggestions.

$50-100 CAD

Organizing Books

About You

Writing about oneself can be difficult. It's fair to say the majority of people understand this. That's why Jennifer offers personalized biographies for your business, work application, website, and more. By answering a few simple questions, Jennifer can turn your question mark into a well tailored piece of work that demonstrated who you are.

$30-80 CAD

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You've drafted, written, and edited your work. Now you're ready for others to see it! A review can greatly increase your odds of obtaining more sales! Thus, Jennifer will read your work and provide a fair review of your that includes a star rating and 150-200 word review. This review will be provided to you via email and on one social media of your choice.

$50-150 CAD

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the timeframe? | It depends on the length of the project. The bigger it is, the longer the time. However, I strive to complete projects within 10 business days. 

2. Paying? | Payments can be made through Interac E-Transfer or PayPal. For services, you pay 75% upfront and the balance upon completion of project. For products, you pay 100% upfront (see shop). You will receive an invoice from me to your email.

2A. Payments In-Person | Live contact payments of services or products can be done through cash, debit or credit (Square App). You will receive a receipt.

3. Revisions? | Each project comes with one revision. Up-pricing is included for more revisions, unless otherwise stipulated in the service arrangement.

4. What is your experience? | I have a diploma in journalism and a graduate certificate in communications. I am also continuously attending training courses, and have workforce experience in this field. 

5. Why You? | Apart from being fantastic, I have a professional, friendly demeanor. I will always do my utmost to ensure your satisfaction. I care about my clients and want you to succeed just as much as I want to succeed. I'm also a small business which means hiring me is supporting me rather than a massive corporation. 

6. What if I'm not totally happy? | I'm sorry to hear that and will do what I can to rectify the situation. While I do my best to ensure you're satisfied with the work, please keep in mind that additional revisions/time does increase the price.

7. Refunds? | Unfortunately, due do the type of services rendered refunds are not available at this time.

7A. What if I buy your book/product? I would totally love <3 if you buy physical products (which I will sign if able). However, I can only offer exchanges.

8. Exchanges? | This is subject to proof of purchase, and photo proof of damage. Any damages that appear to be purposefully inflicted will not be exchanged. In the case of an exchange due to damage on delivery; there is a $100 liability/insurance with Canada Post shipping methods utilized. Any shipping or postage costs associated to return the product will be reimbursed to the customer through this method.

9. Shipping | It is an additional amount. Currently only ships within Canada. I would like to ship internationally, but the rates are absurd and I don't want people to spend exorbitant amounts of money. It isn't fair to the customer. I try to keep costs reasonable for all parties.

10. Product Prices | The rate at which products are priced is based on multiple factors. These include, but are not limited to time spent, material costs, shipping costs, warehouse expenses, publishing expenses, advertising expenses, and professional services rendered. 

10A. Service Rates | These are based on my experience, education and level of service. Easier services will not be the same rate as something more complicated. I choose my rates in a fair, justified manner. You will receive quality work which should be compensated as such.

*All prices are in Canadian dollars.

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Payment Methods: 

  • Paypal

  • Interac E-Transfer

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