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Writing & Interviewing
Photography Basics
Basics Behind Using Word
Your Work in Review
Reviews: Fiction & Non-Fiction
Beta Reading: Fiction & Non-Fiction
Biographies About You
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Editing: Fiction & Non-Fiction
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Writing & Interviewing 

Have an idea that you just can't seem to get down on paper?

Look no further!


There are dozens of styles and genres in literature that you can choose to write. Whether it's fiction or non-fiction, finding your voice is essential to becoming the best writer you can be. 

If you're interested in starting to write, or maybe even getting to the next step in your writing process, this is a great place to start. I will help you figure out your writing style and improve your skills through hands-on instruction. You will practice your writing skills using different styles and genres which will receive critiques, edits and suggestions.

Interviewing people might be a little nerve-wracking to start. However, you can become a master in no time when you understand the before, during and after process of asking people questions! 

Depending on the style and genre you want to write, being able to interview someone can be vital. Whether its for research purposes or doing a feature on said person: it's a good skill to have. Here you will practice and learn the fundamentals in a safe space. 

Prices & Bundles

  • 1 Session: $40 | One hour in length, in-person or virtual

    • Covers any two topics of your choice​. For example, writing fiction and creating a story map.

  • Package A: $180 | Five sessions, each one hour, in-person or virtual

    • Includes four practice assignments, one practice interview, critiques/edits on each assignment and fundamentals of writing in your chosen genre​.

  • Package B: $300 | Eight sessions, each one hour, in-person or virtual​​​​

    • Primarily focuses on fictitious writing and how to tell your story. Throughout the eight sessions, you will begin writing your tale and learn to find your voice. You'll receive critiques each session as well as fundamentals like story mapping, character development and detail tracking.


Photography Basics

Capturing the perfect moment isn't always the easiest. Getting that shot can take time but ultimately is worth it.

With this course, I will provide the most basic fundamentals of photography. You'll also get to practice your skills in front of and behind the lens. 

Prices & Packages

  • 1 Session: $40 | One hour in length, in-person or virtual

    • Covers the ideas behind thirds, angles, and capturing yourself​

  • Package A: $150 | Four sessions, each one hour, in-person or virtual

    • Covers the ideas behind thirds, angles, trying different natural lighting and putting yourself in front of the lens. ​

Basics Behind Using Word

Microsoft Word has been around for a long time now... but it's still not known by all! Every now and again I learn something new on Word. However, I can show you the general skills you'll need to use Word effectively and efficiently. 

Prices & Packages

  • 1 Session: $40 | One hour in length, in-person or virtual

    • Covers formatting, margins, review tracking, modifying text settings, inserting images, layouts, etc.​

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Your Work in Review

Biographies About You

You want people to know who you are when you're a professional. Every business or corporation has a bio about their employees and so should you. Small business or big business - your clients or audience have inquiring minds!

Prices & Packages

  • Package A: $40 

    • One-Paragraph Bio​

      • Includes a brief overview of your work history, education and your favourite hobby. You will be given a questionnaire.​

  • Package B: $80

    • General Bio​

      • Includes a 2-3 paragraph about you! It includes your work history, education, favourite hobbies, quotes and what your goals are for the future. It will also include your view point on client-business relationships. You will receive a questionnaire. ​


Okay, so you've completed a project but it's not quite perfect. What's missing? Someone to give you a solid look at what's great about your story, what makes sense or doesn't, the story flow and even a look at what might be missing in your characters! That's the beauty of beta readers. 

We help you perfect your work!

Prices & Packages

  • Package A: $100 | Max of 20K Words

    • 1-Page breakdown of notes about your work (which covers the story flow, character development, and plot holes). 

  • Package B: $250 | Max of 60K Words

    • 2-Page breakdown about your work. This will cover detailed analysis of character relationships & development, the story flow, plot holes and important questions that should be answered. 

  • Package C: $400 | Anything over 100K Words

    • 2-3 Page breakdown about your work. It includes an analysis of your work in regards to story development and flow, character development and relationships, major and minor plot holes, language usage and style and the general structure.

Your Work in Review

Editing: Fiction & Non-Fiction

This can be one of the most tedious aspects of being a writer... editing can really suck the life out of you some days. Fortunately, you can get help for that!

Having an edited piece of writing shows your audience that you put a lot of love and energy into your work. Which also shows professionalism. This becomes especially important if you're in indie author. While it's becoming more popular, some crowds still believe traditional publishing is the only professional way to go.

Prices & Packages

  • Package A: $50 | Max of 20K Words

    • You will receive general comments regarding sentence structure and spelling/grammar in the provided word document.​

  • Package B: $100 | Max of 50K Words

    • You will receive specific comments regarding sentence structure and spelling/grammar in the provided word document. ​

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Reviews: Fiction & Non-Fiction

Have you written something spectacular? This is the perfect time and place to get a solid, honest and un-biased review of your work. You can add to your own website, social media, cover, etcetera and show off what a professional author thinks of your piece. 

Why are reviews important? It lets people know if they're part of your target audience. It tells people who are your audience what to expect (without spoilers). It lets people know who you are and that your work is worth the time to read! Getting reviews can be hard to come by though, especially for a decent rate. Some places ask for $150-500 per review...

Prices & Packages

  • 150 Word Review: $20

  • Star Rating: $30

  • 500 Word Review: $60

Letters & Business

Need to say something, but not sure how? We can write a letter for your (business or romantic). All you need to do is answer a few questions and we'll take care of the rest! 

Prices & Packages

  • Package A: $100

    • Personal Letter | Tell someone in your life how you really feel. This includes a one-page letter and up to two revisions. 

  • Package B: $150 ​

    • Business Letter | Need a proposal to another business, a letter to a client, maybe an internal letter? Here we go! This includes a one-page letter and three revisions. ​

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the timeframe? | It depends on the length of the project. The bigger it is, the longer the time. However, I strive to complete projects within 10 business days. 

2. Paying? | Payments can be made through Interac E-Transfer or PayPal. For services, you pay 75% upfront and the balance upon completion of project. For products, you pay 100% upfront (see shop). You will receive an invoice from me to your email.

2A. Payments In-Person | Live contact payments of services or products can be done through cash, debit or credit (Square App). You will receive a receipt.

3. Revisions? | Each project comes with one revision. Up-pricing is included for more revisions, unless otherwise stipulated in the service arrangement.

4. What is your experience? | I have a diploma in journalism and a graduate certificate in communications. I am also continuously attending training courses, and have workforce experience in this field. 

5. Why You? | Apart from being fantastic, I have a professional, friendly demeanor. I will always do my utmost to ensure your satisfaction. I care about my clients and want you to succeed just as much as I want to succeed. I'm also a small business which means hiring me is supporting me rather than a massive corporation. 

6. What if I'm not totally happy? | I'm sorry to hear that and will do what I can to rectify the situation. While I do my best to ensure you're satisfied with the work, please keep in mind that additional revisions/time does increase the price.

7. Refunds? | Unfortunately, due do the type of services rendered refunds are not available at this time.

7A. What if I buy your book/product? I would totally love <3 if you buy physical products (which I will sign if able). However, I can only offer exchanges.

8. Exchanges? | This is subject to proof of purchase, and photo proof of damage. Any damages that appear to be purposefully inflicted will not be exchanged. In the case of an exchange due to damage on delivery; there is a $100 liability/insurance with Canada Post shipping methods utilized. Any shipping or postage costs associated to return the product will be reimbursed to the customer through this method.

9. Shipping | It is an additional amount. Currently only ships within Canada. I would like to ship internationally, but the rates are absurd and I don't want people to spend exorbitant amounts of money. It isn't fair to the customer. I try to keep costs reasonable for all parties.

10. Product Prices | The rate at which products are priced is based on multiple factors. These include, but are not limited to time spent, material costs, shipping costs, warehouse expenses, publishing expenses, advertising expenses, and professional services rendered. 

10A. Service Rates | These are based on my experience, education and level of service. Easier services will not be the same rate as something more complicated. I choose my rates in a fair, justified manner. You will receive quality work which should be compensated as such.

*All prices are in Canadian dollars.

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