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Jennifer J. Lacelle

Author. Actress. Adventurer.

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When it comes to the creative arts, Jennifer has tried it all - or at least, most of it! But it was the ability to string words together in beautiful arrangements that became a passion. She wrote her first novella at twelve years old but really dug into the artistry of wordplay in high school. 

During this time, she wrote a four-novel series (which she is gearing up to re-read and edit for potential release). As a Specialist High Skills Major in Theatre (Sudbury Secondary School) she learned the art of theatrical writing. Jennifer won the CTV Arts Award for Dramatic Writing as well as the Sears Regional Award for Outstanding Student Achievement as a Writer & Director. 

Having honed her skills, she's now a graduate from Journalism (Cambrian College) and Communications & Professional Writing (Georgian College). She has also taken additional courses from Algonquin College (Business Writing) and Bad Dog Theatre (Introduction to Screenwriting). 

*Lindsey Macdonald Photography

Having become a sort of "jack of all trades" Jennifer's other interests include:

  • Vocals, she trained for two years in Bel Canto style singing

  • Visual Arts (SSS Minor Class)

  • Hiking

  • Martial Arts, she received her first degree black belt in 2022

  • Archery

  • Guitar (SSS Minor Class)

  • Media Arts (SSS Minor Class)

  • Film Making, she works regularly in the Northern Ontario film community 

A Day in the Life

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