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Jennifer J. Lacelle

Author. Actress. Adventurer.

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*Lindsey Macdonald Photography

Jennifer is an emerging figure in the creative arts world! Her path began with Sudbury Secondary School where she obtained her Red Seal Diploma (Specialist High Skills Major) in theatre production. She won multiple awards during this period — in-house and competitively — for writing, directing and acting. Lacelle now takes every opportunity she has in the film industry to learn the ins and outs of the business, from behind the scenes to on-camera.

After high school, she went on to graduate from Cambrian College’s Journalism Program where she studied with William (Bill) Radunsky, who taught the program for over 20 years.


The college stopped offering Journalism during her first year, but allowed those already registered to complete their studies. Her group was the last to graduate from the program in 2013.

“It was emotional and our class became quite close,” Lacelle says. “We got to know our professor really well, and he was someone we all wanted to make proud.”

Due to serious weight and health issues, she put a halt on further education and began training extensively in martial arts. She continued to write during this period and had almost 40 articles published.


After several years away she returned to post-secondary and attended Georgian College (2018). Lacelle graduated from the one-year program, Communications & Professional Writing.

There’s power in perseverance and she believes the self-confidence, determination, discipline and adaptability she continually learns in martial arts is indispensable to being a writer (and artist).

“The creative arts aren’t usually considered essential, so it’s often forgotten,” Lacelle says. “But the arts go beyond invisible barriers and touch people’s lives profoundly. That’s my goal.”

Lacelle obtained her first-degree black belt in Kuksool Won Hapkido in 2020 and plans to continue rising the ranks both in martial arts and professionally.

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