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When evil creatures begin slaughtering and torturing every living being on earth it's a fight to survive. As Stella Martin is pulled to Georgian Bay she realizes her decisions from a past life are responsible for the end of the world. Now she must undo what she's done.

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Katima Miracle wants answers after her father's murder, so she goes to Thunder Bay and infiltrates Birdwhistle Estate. However, she's caught between two magical societies at war and discovers she's host to the Iceni Druidess, Boudicca.

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Elizabeth Sterlin, not quite sixteen, is placed between a rock and hard place when she's sent to the family property in New Brunswick with her estranged father.


She learns the old Goddesses, Gods and Witches are real and that her family-line is filled with deceit, murder and magic.

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Shadows & Memories

Book Two: Calling Down the Goddess 


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