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The Shattered Remnants Series

Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Adventure, Action

Age Range: 14+

Image by Alice Alinari

Book One:
The City of Moonstone & Sun

Status: 1st Draft Complete - Moving to Editing Phase

Expected Release: 2022

Copyright (C): Jennifer J. Lacelle

From Author Jennifer J. Lacelle

The doorways between the human and mythical worlds were sealed a millennia ago, but one finally opened and allowed good and evil to cross.


Cirila grew up in the hardened streets of Toronto as a foster child, but she finally has her life on track when two people barge into her apartment. They demand she return what she's stolen, only Cirila accidently opens the doorway to the mythical and is pulled through. 

Necalli, a Fae-Giant, is put in a precarious situation as he watches a human fall into the mythical world with one of the shattered remnants of Empress Dahlia's diadem.

The crown was always meant to be forged together once the Empress' descendent returned. But no one expected an untrained, unknowing human girl and the current rulers want her dead: no exceptions.

But the truth always escapes.

Musical Inspiration

  1. Redemption by Besomorph & Coopex

  2. Saints by Echos

  3. Afterlife by Illenium

  4. Throne by Rival ft. Neoni

  5. Monster by Besomorph

  6. Fractures by Illenium ft. Nevve

Image by Sofia

Book Two:
The Seaglass of Sand & Salt

Status: Writing Phase

Expected Release: March 2023

Copyright (C): Jennifer J. Lacelle

After the tragic events in the City of Moonstone & Sun, Necalli meets the would-be queen of Laticia and discovers why the remnants are more valuable than he thought.

The group heads into the country of Myriasce, the ocean, as they seek out the third piece of Empress Dahlia's diadem and hopefully meet up with Cirila. However, the poison master Isiah is still hunting them down and now the Queen of Myriasce is also chasing the group through the ocean to get them out of her country. 

Therian and Cirila awake inside a vast cave that was clearly a temple at one point and they realize someone saved them as their wounds are dressed. Slowly, they explore the area and discover their savior whom Cirila bonds with instantly. The mermaid agrees to help them further and Cirila realizes she can use the woman's powers as well as they delve deep into the abandoned cavern, not knowing what lies beyond the broken gates.

Image by FLY:D

Book Three:
The Mountain of Ice & Crystal

Status: Planning Phase

Expected Release: July 2023

Copyright (C): Jennifer J. Lacelle

Coming Soon

Image by Mukul Kumar

Book Four:
The Country of Tears & Venom

Status: Planning Phase

Expected Release: November 2023

Copyright (C): Jennifer J. Lacelle

Coming Soon

Image by Reza Hasannia

Book Five:
The Veil of Life & Death

Status: Planning Phase

Expected Release: March 2024

Copyright (C): Jennifer J. Lacelle

Coming Soon

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