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Calling Down the Goddess (Fr, Sp, Bk) _ 004_edited.png

Calling Down the Goddess

Book One

By Jennifer J. Lacelle

Status: Editor

Release: Est. July 30, 2023

Copyright: Jennifer J. Lacelle

Genre: YA, Fiction, Fantasy, Horror

TW: some descriptive scenes of violence

Elizabeth Sterlin, not quite sixteen, is placed between a rock and hard place when she's sent to the family property in New Brunswick with her estranged father.


She's read the family diaries and knows there's something deranged about her family but when she arrives in town the people are terrified of them. Everything shifts as voices echo and a mysterious woman appears to Elizabeth. 


She learns the old Goddesses, Gods and Witches are real and that her family-line is filled with deceit, murder and magic.

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