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Coming Summer 2023

Calling Down the Goddess (Front) _ istock-978683824.png

Calling Down the Goddess

Book One

Elizabeth Sterlin was raised by great-grandparents in a small town she longs to escape. When her grandmother, Sarah-Jane, presents the opportunity for freedom, she takes it.

She winds up travelling with her estranged father, Charles, to the Sunlight Villa in Cocagne, New Brunswick. There, the two of them discover the horrific truth of their family: 

They are ritualistic serial killers determined to stay young forever through dark magic. However, a curse is bound within their flesh and they want Elizabeth to free them of it by sacrificing Charles.

As more truths are revealed, Elizabeth comes to terms with the fact that witches, mythical creatures and deities exist; she’s one of them and Hecate, the Divine Goddess of the moon, necromancy and witchcraft is one with her.

Hades, deity of the Ancient Greek Underworld, controls the family from within and threatens to spark a new war between the Goddesses, Gods and all living - and dead -  creatures in existence.

Suggested Playlist:

1. P!nk | Courage

2. Ciara | Paint it Black

3. Thirty Seconds to Mars | The Kill (Epic Orchestra Version)

4. Ruelle | Game of Survival

5. Kroww | Hysteria

Status: Editor

Release: Est. August 4, 2023

Copyright: Jennifer J. Lacelle

Genre: YA, Fiction, Fantasy, Horror

TW: some descriptive scenes of violence

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