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Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Adventure, Action

Age Range: 14+

Trigger Warning: Contains some scenes of descriptive violence.


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Birdwhistle Estate

From Author Jennifer J. Lacelle

Status: Complete

Release Date: June 25, 2022

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Copyright (C): Jennifer J. Lacelle

Birdwhistle Estate is a slow-burning and gut-wrenching story about forgiveness, loss, revenge and consequences. 

Katima Miracle, an anxiety-riddled teenager, finds herself alone in the world after her father's murder. She ends up pursuing answers from Birdwhistle Estate's society with the help of new-found allies who also want to destroy them.

When it's discovered Katima's magic is bound by the night, requiring sacrifices as a power source, it's confirmed her body is playing host to the Iceni Druidess, Boudicca. 

Birdwhistle wants to unleash the rage-filled priestess onto the world while The Sovereign Conclave wants to suppress her by any means necessary. Katima is caught in the middle trying to keep the ancient power quiet within her as the rage builds during her search for revenge, answers and freedom.


  • Paperback — 978-1-7774835-3-1

  • Hardcover — 978-1-7774835-4-8

  • E-Book — 978-1-7774835-5-5

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Musical Inspiration

  1. Save Myself by Justine Giles. This song was released on February 18, 2022 and the moment I heard it I knew it was the ultimate theme for my book. 

  2. Climb by Adona. This song is that of unlikely champions. It's the words, the vocals, the power that makes it a fighting song for the underdog. 

  3. One Last Moment With You by Twelve Titans Music. If ever there were an emotional song it's this. It takes the characters words and action and turns it to emotions. 

  4. Burn by 2WEI & Edda Hayes. It's a song of revenge and adrenaline, that which the characters thrive on even if they don't know it. 

  5. See What I've Become by Zack Hemsey. It's a slow build-up, like those moments they're climbing a "mountain" and need a push. 

  6. Eternal Flame by Atom Music Audio & Alexa Ray. So much female empowerment in this song that the female protagonist needs this ultimate push some days.