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Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Adventure, Action

Age Range: 14+

Trigger Warning: Contains some scenes of descriptive violence.

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by Jennifer J. Lacelle

Status: Independently Published

Released: March 2021

Copyright (C): Jennifer J. Lacelle

In a fictitious manner, Jennifer discusses human nature and the need for forgiveness as the world descends into darkness.


Destiny follows a young woman, Stella, who knew she wasn't like everyone else but her past was lost to her until the world descends into darkness and destruction. Decrepit, vile monsters called the furere slaughter everything in their paths as Stella struggles to live in this new world before a mystical force pulls her to Georgian Bay. On her journey, she learns magic exists and she's ultimately at fault for the apocalypse. 

ISBN (E-Book): 978-1-7774835-0-0

ISBN (Paperback): 978-1-7774835-1-7





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Bonus Content: Meet the Characters

Explore the new, untamed world in a live action scene with Stella and Charon as they speak openly for the first time. Stella has just seen portraits of herself and Charon wants her to leave before she does something irreversible. 

Stella played by Jennifer Lacelle

Charon played by Charles Tilson