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Birdwhistle Estate: BONUS Short Story

Meet Feng and Lei of the Sovereign Conclave. An ancient group of Chinese magicians who had helped the world quietly for thousands of years.

Feng walked past the glistening, mystical lake and stared up at the scenery. Lei had insisted coming to Mount Sanqingshan. It was a good place to hide, for the time being, given that the granite peaks and pillars often looked like animals and was predominantly navigated by locals only.

Mount Sanqingshan rises high into the sky of the northeastern area of the Jiangxi Province in China, just off the Huyaiyu mountain ranges. Getting there hadn’t been the easiest, but Lei had been rather insistent. They’d wanted to reject the invitation but she sent multiple letters in a row.

It was the year 1883 and Feng was exploring the ‘new world’ though nothing about it was really all that new. They had explored it before the French and the British, even the Spanish or the Vikings. Feng new it was a blessing to have seen the entire world over the thousands of years in life. But now, they’d returned to China for this meeting and wanted nothing more to head over to the next destination: Greece.

“Here!” Lei’s voice echoed.

From behind an expanse of vibrant, lush green trees came her voice. She appeared and waved to them as she approached. Her long hair was billowing behind her and nearly touched the grass at her feet. It had been nearly one hundred years since their last private meeting and likely it would be another hundred for the next.

Feng smiled at themself before turning entirely to face her. Lei was always up to something but this felt different.

“What brings us to Mount Sanqingshan?”

“I needed to speak with you.”

“Yes, I gathered that much. About what?”

“There is a new magical society arising,” Lei said.

“There are always groups coming and going; why is this one so special?”

“They are seeking night magic users.”

Feng’s mouth turned dry as they looked her up and down, contemplating what she could possibly ask now. Anyone seeking that sort of destruction wouldn’t step back readily, nor could the group’s intentions be good.

Rumour always said that night magic arose from the vicious need for revenge and given the destruction they’d seen over the millennia Feng agreed with such a statement. The Sovereign Conclave recently tied it to Boudicca’s soul when the near emergence declared her name before returning to the host body’s mind.

“Mother is also on the hunt for power again.”

“That is nothing new, Lei.”

“I believe if the two of them collide things will only worsen for the world,” Lei said.

“Do you believe this new society will survive?”

“I do,” Lei said. “The Sovereign Conclave wants to keep a close eye on them.”

“Ah, there it is!”


“The pain to my rear,” Feng said.

Lei shot a look of annoyance before sighing but Feng was ready to walk away. The Sovereign Conclave always needed control, and too much of it. It was why Feng had left them. They went so far as to tell them who they could or couldn’t spend time with.

“Must you be like that?”

“They tried to control every aspect of my life,” Feng said. “I don’t harbour a grudge but working with them is not in my plans at this stage.”

“Then what is your plan?”

“I simply want to enjoy life,” Feng said. “It’s been century upon century of keeping the balance of power in check between nations and magical forces. Of tracking mother… I would like to live for myself.”

“I see…” Lei said. “Feng, the Davenport family will likely ruin the world with this. I don’t know what their goals are yet, but they are establishing themselves well. If they continue to build and find night magic users, they could release Boudicca.”

“That would definitely be a scourge on the earth,” Feng said.

“Help me.”


“Go to Fort William in Ontario, Canada and keep an eye on them,” Lei said. “Maybe send Yue there.”

“Lei,” Feng said cautiously. “He’s not a dog at our beck and call.”

“No, he was cursed by mother for his infidelity,” Lei said. “He owes us.”

“That is not what transpired,” Feng said. “Don’t make assumptions. Why not tell me what you know about the Davenports?”

“Mary Davenport is changing her name to her mother’s maiden name, Birdwhistle,” Lei said. “She wants revenge, as much as Boudicca does.”

Feng sighed and looked around as if it would let them escape Lei’s statement. They didn’t want to get involved but here they were.

Feng couldn’t help but laugh as they began walking away. The energy in the mountains was different from those of the cities and developing North America. Feng didn’t want to feel any evil energy building out there.

They glanced backward and sighed, knowing there was something Lei wasn’t telling them. Likely, if Feng had to guess, she was keeping much more to herself.

“Very well, I’ll go to the Davenports, er… Birdwhistle, and watch,” Feng said. “But I will not stay there indefinitely.”

“Thank you.”

“You’re welcome, Lei.”

Feng went back the way they came as the pillars and mounts surrounded them. They took in the fresh air with a giant gulp and resigned themself to going back to work for the Conclave. So much for freedom…

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