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Birdwhistle Estate is a slow-burning and gut-wrenching story about forgiveness, loss, revenge and consequences. 

Katima Miracle, an anxiety-riddled teenager, finds herself alone in the world after her father's murder. She ends up pursuing answers from Birdwhistle Estate's society with the help of new-found allies who also want to destroy them.

When it's discovered Katima's magic is bound by the night, requiring sacrifices as a power source, it's confirmed her body is playing host to the Iceni Druidess, Boudicca. 

Birdwhistle wants to unleash the rage-filled priestess onto the world while The Sovereign Conclave wants to suppress her by any means necessary. Katima is caught in the middle trying to keep the ancient power quiet within her as the rage builds during her search for revenge, answers and freedom.

Birdwhistle Estate

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