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The Citadel's Defective

By Jennifer J. Lacelle

Status: Editing Phase

Release: Unknown

Copyright (C): Jennifer J. Lacelle

Genre: YA, Adventure, Action

TW: some scenes of descriptive violence

The country of Pulcher has been in disarray the past sixteen years when the death of the King and his heir was announced.

The capital city, Lux, erupts into chaos when a prisoner escapes. Thus begins a tangle of panic from officials running the country in fear that their medical experiments on the Defective Caste and deceit of their religion will be revealed.


It also signals the rebellious group, Reformers, to take action and overthrow the officials with their allies from a neighbouring country, Nivus Casus. 

All sides will burn as the castes are punished for being poor, the rich are enslaved by greed, and the rebels consumed by hate.

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