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A Note From the Author

I wrote this in high school (2006-2011) and I'm finally going to delve into the pages to edit and rewrite accordingly. I'm nervous to take this on, because while I was a writer I certainly had some learning to do as a teenager in the world of proper writing. On the other side of the coin I'm also kind of excited to go back and read it, edit it and see just how much I have grown as a writer and person. That being said, stay tuned for updates on this beast!

It's also a special request from a friend to publish ASAP for her teenage daughter who absolutely loves vampire stories!

Image by lhon karwan

The Vampire Princess

Status: Editing Phase

Expected Release: Unknown

Copyright (C): Jennifer J. Lacelle

Nikita is your average teenager trying to get through high school and make it to the next day without becoming the target of bullies.


Everything changes when she and her family are attacked by a group of vampires who want nothing more than to see them all dead, especially her.

However, Nikita survives and discovers she was purposefully hidden away from the world of vampires and hunters to keep her safe. In a twist of fate, her blood boils in her memories and awakens the vampiric side of her life and everything falls into place and causes a spiral of events that spark a war between enemies, friends and lovers. 

No one is safe in this world and even she may become a killer as she reaches for the throne few have been able to steal.

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