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Thought of the Day: Beauty in Brokenness

There is a beauty to brokenness that I think we either forget or purposely avoid. We try not to talk about difficult subjects because they're unsettling, uncomfortable and create tension.

Displaying weakness or vulnerability is often seen, and felt, as such. However, these make us more human, authentic, courageous, beautiful...

So, what is this beauty in brokenness? Before you can even see it you have to go through pain, trials, errors, fear and more. But that's also part of the beauty.

When you experience feelings, such tremendous and vast emotions, you learn about yourself. You are able to truly see what you're made of. You get to grow, hopefully, and learn something.

Sometimes life lessons are brutal, I get that, I have struggled with many parts of myself. I've been in difficult situations that have spent my energy. But so long as we grow then it'll be okay.

Now, about being broken, it's displacing. It's a struggle. It hurts. It's like you're not yourself anymore. But its those times when you can self-reflect, and use some intro-spectrum, and understand why you feel the way you do.

It also provides you the opportunity to be vulnerable.

As I said before, being vulnerable helps you become more courageous. When we show courage we not only create confidence but demonstrate to people that they can follow suite.

More than that, being vulnerable allows us to develop bonds with other people and strengthen the relationships we already have.

Communication is important in any type of relationship: friendship, romantic, parenting, employment, etc. If people do not communicate then misunderstandings can happen and we might close off from further communication because we're upset or feel slighted.

But as we communicate and build our relationships through trust and openness we are able to see each other, and ourselves, more clearly.

It is absolutely a scary experience to allow someone in, I empathize. But it so important!

You see, being broken isn't just about the emotions of pain that we tend to sit in and linger about. It's about recognizing that we're in pain, figuring out why, being vulnerable and brave enough to show our true heart, and allowing ourselves to move on with a new found strength.

Carry on, beautiful people. <3

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